Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Piano Recital

As promised, here are a few photos from our piano recital last night. I hope it brings back a memory for each of you readers...of your own recitals, or attending one as a proud parent. This is Nathan, our first performance. He did very well, as did his sisters.
This is Danice, a proud Aunt, and Grandma.

Next up was Amanda, and sitting on the love seat behind her were her proud and diligent parents.

I played duets with each of the performers, and here Allison and I are playing the 'Hungarian Dance' together.

Afterwards they breathed a big sigh of relief, and posed for a picture with me. I am very proud of their accomplishments this fall.

This was our refreshment table. I got the idea of offering plates of cookies and candy at differing heights from a photo I had seen. I used upside down goblets and vases for pedestals. Fortunately I had six glass Fostoria plates to tie it all together.

We had several different kinds of cookies. This is chocolate crinkles.

These are sugar cookies that I made from the recipe over at Femina. I used our own recipe from Grandma Brown, but their frosting. It made some for some fun decorating.

The insurance man made these spritz. You just can't beat a good butter cookie.

These are molasses sugar cookies, that I make every year from my good friend Mary's recipe.

Afterwards, everyone hung out in the kitchen enjoying hot spiced cider and sparkling cider. A very successful evening and lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, how fun. And yum, what a gracious teacher you are. I'll bet this brings you so much joy. The world needs more real honest musicians. Thanks Jennie for contributing the same.