Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Yesterday I read on another blog about the adventures of being a mom to toddlers. As I read the story of a two-year old all ready for a Christmas party, deciding to baptize herself and the one-year old in powdered sugar, it made me smile and remember those days. It also made me remember to rejoice in being just the two of us these days. Back then, I was looking ahead to when they would grow up and we could have some alone moments. Now they are grown up...and we are very proud of the productive wives and woman our three daughters have become. is still a season to remember to rejoice in our blessings, and one of those is a few free moments together. To that end, I fixed up a table in front of the fireplace, with the tree glowing on one side, and cooked a special dinner for two. The insurance man and his wife quite enjoyed themselves.
Before the delight of family and friends today and tomorrow it was good to share the quiet and joy. May you all have a wonderful Christmas with the special people in your lives, and celebrate the greatest gift ever given. Jennie