Monday, December 21, 2009

Fresh Greenery

On Saturday I went out and raided my winter trees and bushes for some foliage to make arrangements with. Since I had used my garden all summer and fall, I thought I could probably find enough even in winter. I found pine boughs (some even with small cones), arborvitae for a soft feathery green, variegated boxwood, holly (although my bushes have no berries). To create the effect of berries, I used decorative crab apple branches with small shriveled crab apples and rose hips.
I think the pine is my favorite as it just looks so festive with a few pine cones.

I picked up a cheaper bunch of white roses at Safeway, and added a few to each arrangement. It really made a difference in elegance... I had enough to make four 'bouquets' for the table, mantle, piano and bedroom, real extravagance!

I had one rose left over, so added to my tea service for a smile every time I see it.


Peter Jones said...

Wow. That's pretty. What a great way to decorate in a special way that you can enjoy from room to room. SO nice. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This post "smells" wonderful. But, what, no Juniper for that special Central Oregon touch? Just kidding. When we would come home from college for Thanksgiving we would always load the car up with Juniper to take back and use in our holiday decorations. We actually missed that olfactory delight. I love the idea of foraging in the yard this time of year.
Thanks for the simple beauty of this post Jennie.