Thursday, December 17, 2009

I have the delightful task of teaching two young ladies and a young man piano lessons each week. They are siblings, and home schooled by their parents. I am adding in a music class for them. We decided to have a recital before Christmas, and I asked them to make invitations. This is what they came up with: I was so pleased with the beautiful results. We are asking their grandmother, parents, and aunt and uncle to join us tomorrow night at our home.
Yesterday however we had a 'dress rehearsal'.

This is Amanda, age 17.

This is Allison, age 14.

And this is Nathan, age 12.
All are doing extremely well, and we have a fun program planned for our recital. Among the selections will be Brahms, Grieg, Handel and two Christmas carols.
I will post some photos of our recital on Saturday (hopefully).

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Anonymous said...

Boy, Jennie, does this bring back the memories. All of the piano recitals I had at my teacher's home. Enjoy the evening and thanks for posting the photos. Looking forward to more.

Music is so important, isn't it?!!!