Friday, May 3, 2013

Puffed Sleeves

 You don't see puffed sleeves much anymore...not in fashion for little girls currently.  Just the reason that Mom had some white blouses made for the girls to suit her specifications.
 These adorable blue jumpers are the handiwork of Mom/Grammy.  She sent them with the other jumpers that I posted a picture of here.  I waited to take a picture of them until the blouses that she ordered to go with them came.  Don't they look sweet together? 
 Mom and I both love Peter Pan collars too.
Such sweet outfits for little girls to wear.  Don't you love how they came out, Mom?  I love how the details of the blouse dress up the outfit, but the white shirt is largely covered by the jumper, making it still a practical play outfit.  Feminine, but functional!  I guess I can get away with dressing them "behind the times" for a while longer.  Wish I could get away with it more for myself!

Some happy girls here, Mom.  Thank you!

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Jennie and Julie said...

I think we both got up this morning with the same idea...a new blog post! We posted with 15 minutes of each other : ) Anyway, such adorable photos. I love that mischievous grin on Millie's face in the beginning, and the impish one on Cecily's. And then the bent heads...what a good job you are doing taking photos. Sandlin commented on the ones in my hallway, and what a good photographer you are. I am glad that the outfits and work so well, and the blouses are perfect!