Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Posting about Calvin

 Grandson #4 is Calvin Haddon Jones, age 8. Calvin and Papa are just climbing up the long slope of their wooded land from the creek at the bottom of the hill. The boys took Papa down to the creek, and then followed it for about 1 1/2 miles to the big river it empties into. Here they are returning, and Calvin had a bit more energy than his Papa.

 This photo is from the birthday tea party we held for Millie's 6th birthday. It just happened to catch Calvin, who was about to enjoy his birthday cupcake.

 In Williamsburg, here is what Calvin was doing in the house we explored. Playing with the soldiers they provided. Thanks to Calvin's bright red hat, we were able to easily keep track of the him.

 Julie had signed Ben and Calvin up for a gym class, and I got to attend one with them. They both really enjoyed it, and Calvin is playing a game here.

 Calvin has a book that we have enjoyed together for several years now. He saves it for when I come. This is a great alphabet book, and we highly recommend it. Each page has lots of items cleverly drawn into a large illustration, and all the items begin with that letter of the alphabet. There can be up to maybe 30+ items, and we search together to find them all, and then figure out what they are.
This trip I brought along a copy of Puff the Magic Dragon, and taught it to the boys, especially Ben and Calvin. Calvin really enjoyed learning that song!

And finally, at Jamestown, the boy in the red cap is enjoying a little information from a park ranger (aka Indian) about the Indians who lived in that area. Calvin did enjoy the trip, and we enjoyed him.

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Peter Jones said...

I showed Ben and Cal the posts you did of them. :) Hope you're feeling better. I'm so glad that you're having such a lovely spring!