Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cecily Mae

After a brief trip to see Joy and family, I am back.... to finish up my posts on our trip to Williamsburg. This post is about grandchild #6 in the Jones family....Cecily. It was delightful to get to know this little girl better while we were there. She has the distinction of having blond hair and a very small, petite size.
 While we were in Williamsburg, she used some letter 'dice' to make up her name. Very clever!
 I love the fact that there are paths and gates and gardens everywhere in Williamsburg, and that they are mostly very child-sized. Cecily is going along this path to a wonderful maze behind the Governor's Palace and gardens. A wonderful place to have fun, whether you are a little one of a big one.

 In the house we toured, Cecily found some Colonial style dolls and clothes to play with.
 Cecily and Ben are the two horse-lovers in the family. She got to get up close with these two horses, and enjoyed herself.

 Here she is in a laundry of the house we toured....

 and here she found a hat to try on. Just perfect to shade that hot Virginia sun!

 She was a little tired out one morning, and hitched a ride from her Grandpa....

and finally even found a bed to snuggle in on a boat in Jamestown. It was just right for a little one, but I don't know how a full-sized sailor could have made it work.

Cecily is a dear girl, and like all the children has a God-given unique personality all her own. At age 4, we enjoyed her a lot.

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