Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Millie Sue

 As I started to upload photos of the next grandchild in line, I noticed that I have more photos of the girls. It's probably because I spent more time with them, as the boys are out doing 'manly' things together.
 Millie and I did lots of fun things together, including a first crochet lesson. I helped her make a chain, and now she will have to practice a bit. It's hard to figure out how to hold your hands 'just right'.
 We sang songs together, and Millie likes to memorize the words and learn songs. She now knows 'My Grandfathers' Clock' and 'High Hopes'.
 In Williamsburg, Millie helped to fluff up the big feather mattress on this bed, and was invited to try it out! She thought it was pretty comfy.
 She picked a dandelion in the grass and one for her hair.

 At Jamestown, she is trying out a hollowed out tree trunk, made to be an Indian canoe.
 She thought she would try on some armor just like the boys. It fit too!
 Here she is trying on a new cap we bought in Williamsburg. Just right with long curls!
A little cuddly time with Bronwyn. 
 Trying on hats is always a fun thing for little girls.
 We had a great time in this little shop, with a lady from the 'old' country.
 In the furniture/cabinet making shop, they let her try out the harpsichord.
 And in the kitchen at one of the houses, they let Millie try peeling carrots with a spoon! (It works)
Two more sweet photos of both Millie and Cecily, before going on to Cecily....

Sweet girls, ready for a tea party!


Kathy Poncy said...

These 8 little blessings are sure growing up quickly. I love the photos you captured of your time with them. Gosh, it looks like summer is upon us already. Hope to see you soon, Jennie.

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Monica said...

I just scanned through all of your posts since your "blog break" back in January. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation, and the kids are growing up so quickly since I first started seeing pictures of them on this blog. Thanks for stopping by mine the other day ... I've had a bit of a break myself. Happy Spring :)