Friday, May 3, 2013

William Carl Jones

 William is 12 now, and has changed and grown considerably. Here at the gym, he is taking a turn holding Bronwyn while Sam and I are walking laps upstairs. The blanket is 'spit-up' protection, which is crucial when out in public!

 Here, Will is taking his weekly piano lesson. I am always so glad to be able to tag along to piano lessons when I'm there, to see how they are becoming better and better. Will and Sam both work hard at practicing, and I think are enjoying the music.

 At Williamsburg, we toured a house that had a lot of fun things to do. A quick game of checkers for Will and Dad fit the bill.

 At Jamestown I took this photo on one of the re-created ships. I think it is my favorite photo of the whole trip, because of the lighting (and the subject of course). You could pick up the ship's compass to examine, and William is into that kind of detail.

 Here, Sam and Will are popping out a small door from the front of the ship onto the forward deck. You can see the boys better if you click to enlarge the photo. It's particularly good of William. They had a lot of fun exploring that ship, especially the forward area and the officer's quarters.

And finally, this is one of the native American dwellings in the re-created Indian Village at Jamestown. Very interesting for boys.
I enjoyed my time with William, and one thing we have in common is a love of reading. I have tried to read through a couple of series to recommend for him, and we are both enjoying The Keys To The Kingdom series by Garth Nix. He reads just as fast as he can get new books. I think he will have to write books to keep up with his interest.

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