Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Romance and Old Buttons

February is here and it is the 'pink' month for me...valentines are best in pink and white. I do really like pink or rose, and so I welcome this month when I can revel in pink and lace and all things romantic. On a little table by my wing chair I have set up several candles in shades of deep rose to pink to white, along with a pink dish of antique buttons. It is very pretty in the evening to light the candles and enjoy the fireplace. I don't remember where I got the pink dish, but it works to hold a few of my old buttons in shades of white and ecru to even a light tan. I love the feel of these buttons...they are so smooth, probably worn by the washing of the garments they used to adorn. My granddaughters like to string buttons and play with them, but are more interested in buttons from the more recent past that have a greater variety. Still, these are my favorites and I like getting them out for pink month.

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