Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spring-like Weather

It has been just beautiful here, with temperatures in the 60's, bright blue skies and lots of sunshine. All this in February! It makes me start thinking of spring, and my bulbs and flowers starting to bloom. Although it makes me long for that, I know that spring is actually a long ways off. We actually don't have much of a spring here on the high desert, it jumps from winter right into summer most years. But I can dream...
The above picture was taken last year in Woodland, Washington at the Lilac Gardens there. We can't grow camellias, as they most often bloom in January and February, usually in the middle of a deep freeze here. But since I grew up in Seattle where my Dad and grandmother both grew outstanding camellias I long for them this time of year. The pink ones above are delightful, but my particular favorites are pink and white variegated. My mother used to send me to school with a blossom or two for my teachers, and she floated the blooms on water in a crystal bowl for display.
We are leaving on vacation today and will be in Woodland briefly. I will just have to stop and make time for a quick visit to the Lilac Gardens to satisfy my longings to see these beautiful shrubs and blooms. I will be gone from blogging for about 10 days and hopefully Julie will be able to cover for me. I know she will have a few photos from Williams birthday tomorrow anyway. I'll post a few more photos of camellias when I return : )

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