Monday, March 30, 2009

A little More of Spring

Aren't these beauties precious to behold? I have to add my crocuses to the photos Julie posted last week. Crocuses in both Oregon and West Virginia! You just can't see these vivid colors without smiling....and marveling anew about God's handiwork in renewing the earth each spring.
These crocuses look like they are in a little nest....but they are in front of my still brown lavender, and in the middle of a patch of 'snow in winter' that will bloom later this season.
Spring is the least season where I live in Central Oregon. Winter keeps a tight grip on things until mid-May and it can freeze or snow right up through the 4th of July some years. It takes a long time to get green growing things around here, and then BOOM we are right in the middle of our hot summers. So...not much spring. I enjoy each and every little bit that comes my way however....and these crocuses are the first very cheery bit.

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Anonymous said...

How true Jennie. I will always love crocus. Their color surprises me every year.