Monday, April 27, 2009

Cute Baby

One morning last week we heard some noise out our front window, and saw this baby bird walking jerkily around and squawking. It continued that on down our driveway a bit, until it came to the sunshine and then decided to settle on the warm concrete with the sun on its back. I wasn't sure what kind of bird it was, but kept an eye on it while settling down in front of our big window to have my devotions. Pretty soon a mourning dove was diving around, landing in the bushes, on our truck, and in general acting distressed. After very cautiously scouting around for possible enemies, it approached the asleep in the sun.
I watched as this plucky little mama poked the baby to get it moving. She would poke it with her beak and move it a little, then the baby would flap its wings wildly, but just couldn't get off the ground. Mama and baby repeated this procedure about 1/2 way down our driveway...over and over. The baby had a pretty good size wing spread, but just couldn't get lift off. Boy, do I feel like that sometimes! Finally, mama flew off giving up for that time. The baby stayed there, and as I couldn't stay there all day...the next time I checked on it the baby was gone. I don't really know the end of this story, but I like to think the mama dove succeeded at last and her cute baby flew up out of harms way. Isn't that what all mamas want for their babies when they leave the nest?


Peter Jones said...

Awww...nothing like baby animals! I will show the kids this soon!

Peter Jones said...

Gram- Very cute. I think it must have been rather frustrating for the mother and child because the baby couldn't get off the ground.
Love, Samuel