Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An 8 Year Old Drawing

My second son, William, made an especially nice drawing for a Mother's Day card for his Grandma Betty last week. I know my own Grandma Bethel is especially fond of birds and has done a lot of drawing and painting of them herself, so I thought I'd take some pictures to share before we sent it off in the mail. He got his inspiration from a nature coloring book from Dover. I was glad to see him do it, because he rarely spends time drawing.

William says that this particular bird is a Cedar Waxwing.


Anonymous said...

William's bird picture is very nice, and I bet his Grandma was very pleased to receive it for Mother's Day. I attend a Drawing Class and we have just started to draw birds. Our homework for next time is to compose a bird picture with at least 12 birds in it. I wish William was here to go to class with me.

Aunt Elna

Peter Jones said...

Aunt Elna,
That is so neat! You're actually drawing birds right now in your class! I think that' great that you're taking the class but really neat too that you're doing birds right now. Thanks for telling me! I'll tell William. :-)