Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Fun Day

As each morning this week, we started out on the run. This is Cecily getting a running start. On Wednesday morning we had a friend, Kindi Vaughan, come to visit, along with her three sweet daughters.
This is her newest daughter, Ella, at one month old. She pretty much slept through the visit.

This is her middle daughter, Brinnay, having a great ride, pushed by Cal and Ben.

And finally, Shayli and Millie. They all thought it was great fun to have friends over to play.

After lunch, Aunt JoAnn stayed with Millie and Cecily while they napped, and the rest of us went to a small museum. This house is where a friend of ours, Sharon Rosengarth, grew up. For her Mother's 80th birthday, she took the small house and fixed it up with her mother's original belongings. She is available for small tours, so we arranged this ahead of time.

Here is Sharon, greeting us at the door.

Sharon once taught Julie in Sunday School, so they had fun seeing each other again.

Sharon gave each of the boys a scavenger hunt list, of 'old' things to go find in the house. They paired up, so each reader had a younger brother to help and had fun with the project.

The boys were full of questions.

The house stands in a lovely city park, with some huge old-growth Ponderosa Pines dotting the acreage.

Out back is the original outhouse, and the Ben and Cal are carefully peeking inside.

This is what they found : )

Looking up into one of the enormous pines...
We had a fun time visiting the house, thank you Mrs. Rosengarth!

The older boys are avid bird-watchers, and have looked forward to seeing some West Coast birds. They found a kill deer that afternoon.

Later, back at home, we had a doozy of a hailstorm. The children all thought it was crazy, and ran around outside, darting back and forth between the hail stones and the cover of the back porch.

Millie thought that having a couple of inches of hail on the deck was the greatest adventure!

Millie and Cecily think it is great fun to climb up and down our circular staircase out back. Who needs toys?

Last of all, they got to take a bath in Grammy's great big tub, a real treat!

Cecily is about done for the day... but all cleaned up.

What big days we have, full of fun and adventure. But it's always great, to clean up and crawl into a snugly bed when the day is done.

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