Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The insurance man's project is almost done! He laid the sod, and put down rock paths this week. Everything is looking good for a visit from Sam, Will, Ben, Cal, Millie & Cecily next week. (Not to mention Julie and Peter.) The new fire pit will be tested out with S'mores, OR a hot dog roast depending on the weather. We are so exited to see them!
The project has been a lot of fun to plan and work on together. There are still a few little details to be done this summer, and a whole lot of planting to fill it up over the next several seasons.

The near square bed, will be for tomato plants. The rest of our vegetable seeds went in the ground yesterday, as well as the dahlia and gladiola bulbs, and were blessed with a warm spring rain last night.

None of us knew the insurance man had it in him...the artistic creativity that is. We knew he could make ANYTHING!

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