Sunday, May 23, 2010

They're Coming!!

Hooray...tomorrow is the day that we pick up Julie & family from the airport in Portland. It's been three long years...and the kids can't wait to see Oregon again, Julie can't wait to come home again, and we, Papa and Grammy, just can't wait! I chose this photo with coats and hats, because it's still chilly here, and they will need those coats! We are planning a fun week of activities and play at Papa & Grammy's house. Tuesday we are planning a bicycle ride in Sunriver. Wednesday we are touring a friend's original ranch house, that she has kept for a small museum. Thursday we are going to the Metolius River, for a picnic lunch hopefully, and a tour of the fish hatchery. That night we are hosting a barbecue/potluck for friends and family, so they can spend time with Peter, Julie and the children. We are heading to Burns for a family reunion over Memorial Day Week-end, then finally a few wonderful days at the Oregon Coast before our vacation is over. We are going to enjoy each and every blessed moment with our grandchildren, starting tomorrow when they will see snow as we cross back over the Cascades into Central Oregon. God's has so richly blessed us with our precious family. Two weeks of Praising Him for His mighty deeds, and fellow shipping together. Bliss..


Monica said...

Wonderful news!!! I hope you all have a terrific time together. Your itinerary sounds like a lot of fun. Many blessings on your week.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait. Yippeeeeeee !!!!!!!