Thursday, May 6, 2010

The box of treasure

For the next two posts I am going to feature two 'boxes' that contain inherited items from Aunt Minnie. In the 1930's Aunt Minnie purchased a set of sterling silver flatware. This was fashionable then, and used only for 'special' dinners. She kept it in two soft purple, tarnish resistant cloths, with pockets for each piece. They were then rolled up and tied like a scroll and kept in the drawer of her china closet. Aunt Minnie was a very good housewife and cook, and I remember well some of her special holiday dinners, featuring her 'good' china and the silver. As I grew older it was my task to set the table, and I really loved getting out all the special pieces that made the table look so pretty.
She purchased the set with settings for ten, and included an extra teaspoon (11) I guess in case one got lost or ruined. About 80 years later, not one piece is missing.
Later, my Mom inherited the silver and purchased the box above to put it in. It says on the lid: Silver tarnish prohibitor, but I am here to say it doesn't exactly prohibit it. It does take longer between polishing though. My mom regarded the silver as a 'treasure' and couldn't quite decide where to keep it. Sometimes it resided in their safe deposit box, but this was quite unhandy. For many years the box was under her side of their bed, along with a large heavy metal rod. The rod was for clobbering any burglers that would dare try to steal her silver! Never mind her safety...None did though, and the silver finally was passed along to me.

Each piece is pretty heavy, and really pretty. I have very much enjoyed having it and using it. It does create beauty at a feasting dinner, especially in candlelight. I don't know what the pattern or maker is. There is no marking on the backs, except the word 'sterling'. I know that Aunt Minnie once ordered a replacement fork, so she kept track of those details, but they have been lost over the years. But since there are so many settings, and none are gone...I am not worrying about replacing them.

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