Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!I received a box in the mail today, always a happy occurrence. It was addressed to 'Grammy' and heralded the fact that this is indeed Mother's Day week-end. Inside was such a nice remembrance I just had to show you. The Jones family (Julie) sent a whole bag of special coffee beans, a kind I can't get here, and a home-made card, signed by each member of the family. Also included is something I think reminds me of 'something old-something new'. It is a compact (with two mirrors and no pressed powder) for my purse or traveling. That is the something old part. The packaging is the something new part. The box is brown with peach polka-dots, and the compact has orange stripes and flowers with an initial J on it. Very cute. I will really enjoy this thoughtful gift. Joy got me a lovely hanging planter filled with trailing petunias. Right now it is being babysat by Doris in her greenhouse until the weather turns warm enough to put it outside. My girls are so thoughtful, and I love the things they pick for me.
We are taking three of us mothers out for the week-end. My mother and father-in-law, my sister and brother-in-law and the insurance man and I are going out to Silver Lake tomorrow for dinner and to spend the night at Silver Lake Lodge. We will be celebrating Mothers Day and Mom's birthday, and enjoying time together.
The weather is always so unpredictable on Mother's Day week-end. Easter is almost always cold and devoid of spring flowers here in Central Oregon. But Mother's Day can be warm, or can be cold, or can have snow, or can have showers. One thing for sure though, is that SOME flowers will be in bloom. For me it is the tulips, and we are so enjoying them! Hope this week-end is special for all of you readers, and you enjoy a special Sunday.

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Mother of 5 BLESSINGS said...

Hi. I'm not even sure how I came upon your blog but I have kept it in my favorites list. You and your daughters have such a sweetness. I also love simple treasures and beautiful "old" things. Thanks for sharing. The Lord uses your blog to bless others. Sometimes when I am having a slow day I'll check out your blog and it is always uplifting. Bless you! Happy Mother's Day!!!
Mother of 5 little blessings in Georgia