Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Embroidery

To continue on a bit with the stash of hankies in the box...Aunt Minnie had some beautiful ones. She always carried one in her black purse. She lived in Seattle, on Queen Anne Hill, and walked most everyday down the hill to the Public Market downtown (and back) for fresh groceries. She always wore a dress, hat, hose and sturdy shoes, and carried her black purse (with a hankie). A nice stack of the handkerchiefs were left to me. Many of these were embroidered with Minnie's initials. They were typically a 'J' (her first name was Jennie, I am named after her), an 'M' for Minnie, or a 'K' for her last name of Kuentzel. Here are three samples of the beautiful work done.
Some of the edging is crocheted and some is tatted. I of course, just love the 'J' ones.

It is a real pleasure to use these, and they are much softer on the nose than today's paper Kleenex! Aunt Minnie embroidered her initials on lots of things, including sheets and pillowcases, as was the style of her day. I enjoy being the beneficiary.

Now for a quick update: One reader asked me to keep you posted about the progress of my friend's son, Samuel. On Wednesday he was accepted onto the active list at the U. of Washington Medical Center, waiting for a liver transplant. This could take just hours or weeks, depending upon when one becomes available. This was really a miracle, due to how thin he is and the state of his health. They are now in the waiting mode. His body is failing, so there are only 'windows' of opportunity for Sam to have surgery. God will orchestrate the timing to match a 'window'. Please pray!

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Laffing Dawg said...

It is such a privilege to pray for this young man who deserves every chance in the world.
My heart just aches.