Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Frogs

My mother and father-in-law are here for a doctor appointment. They recently went camping with friends from their church, at beautiful Delintment Lake, pictured above. Also recently, our grandson and their great-grandson William just posted a blog about all the toads and frogs they have captured this season for their terrarium. While they were camping at Delintment, Mom spotted hundreds, if not thousands, of baby frogs along the shoreline. She said you couldn't put your foot down without stepping on one. Of course she thought right away of Sam, Will, Ben and Cal, and wished they could be there to see it. Since West Virginia is a fair distance away, of course that is not possible. So she did the next best thing and took a photo to share. So, I am sharing it for them and with you.
Just one of the thousands, making it's way from the water up to the shore, in great- grandpa's hands. Isn't he or she cute??

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