Thursday, August 26, 2010

Painting Projects

I mentioned earlier that Kendall and I, while she was here, got busy on a few painting projects. First, we had an old bench out front that had been given to us by some neighbors when they moved away. The insurance man had stripped and refinished the wood slats, but they very quickly degenerated due to our harsh sun. I was about ready to toss it and find another, when I had the idea to paint the wood to match our house. The insurance man kindly took the bench apart again, and Kendall and I first applied a coat of primer. It took a very long time to we put them out in the sun. Then, we gave both sides a good coat of interior semi-gloss paint.
Kendall was a real beaver when it came to painting. She was always out in the garage checking to see if it was ready for some more. She spent several hours one afternoon getting all the spots painted in the 'cracks'. After drying, the insurance man put it all together...

and this is the lovely result! I really liked the black ironwork, so I'm glad we found a way to keep it and make it usable once again.

The black metalwork features roses... so it must have been meant to be.

Our next project was our shed out back. The trim was in bad need of some paint. Also, we had moved some storage items to make a new 'sitting area' on the garden side of the shed, and I was itching to get the rough lumber painted there. Kendall and I brought out our ipods, and while listening to music, painted away. It was a really fun project to do together.

This is my new sitting area for now. We painted the supports and trim white, although the two forward beams look yellow. They really are white, I guess it was just the light right then. The insurance man has an old tool bench top that he has been saving for a rainy day for some years. I am appropriating it, and after he puts legs under it, I am going to put it out here for a potting table. Kendall and I also went shopping and found a new birdhouse to hang under there, a small wind chimes, a new side table, and a couple of lanterns to enjoy after dark.

I liked the look of the white so much, we decided to paint all the shed trim white, and with my new 'star', the shed is reborn. Now, the insurance man has a new project, which is to make a covered storage area on the other side for all our misplaced items. Never a dull moment.

I love painting projects, because there is almost instant gratification. Beauty in a hurry!


Peter Jones said...

It's very cool to see what you've been working on and improving. I love the new sitting area. Just like you. :)

Laffing Dawg said...

Beautiful job one and all.