Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer's Bounty

I'm enjoying the bounty of the season on my table these days. The flowers in the middle are actually from my husband. On the sides are Queen Anne's Lace that the children brought to me. I picked up some local plums and pears at the Farmer's Market and they beautify the table as they sit and wait to ripen. A very bountiful time of year.
I visited the Farmer's Market again today. I was able to get my first local peaches. Happy day. I've been getting rhubarb there whenever I can. It's nice to be able to get the things I can't grow myself at the moment. I love gardening about as much as I love cooking. Not surprisingly, I'm most excited about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. For now, I have just herbs in my own garden. At my friend's house, where there's plenty of space, we have together grown potatoes, onions, cabbages and some other things. Tomatoes will be coming. I fill in with the Farmer's Market. We're eating our fill of sauteed swiss chard, fresh green beans, beets, etc., all grown locally. Delicious. What's growing where you are?

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