Monday, August 2, 2010

County Fair Time

Saturday afternoon and evening we took Doris and enjoyed our local Fair. We looked at all the animals, including rabbits, poultry, sheep, pigs, cattle and horses. Maybe a few extras thrown in.
We watched our local rodeo, featuring cowboys from Oregon, Washington and western Idaho. The insurance man was happy with a big bag of Kettle Corn.

We enjoyed 'fair food' which is always a treat. We even found a shady spot on a few rocks by the canal that runs through the fairgrounds, to eat.

I always enjoy looking at all the photography, the flowers and veggies, and the sewing and crafts. This year a new category was added, place settings. I photographed a few of my favorites. The one above won best of show. There are two place mats, a charger under the brown and white china, and several lace doily additions. I noticed that there had to be a hand-made menu at each setting.

The place mats were actually very large (larger than usual), and just hemmed material. This setting was really pretty without being quite as elaborate as the last one. Since the fair opened on Wednesday, the roses were already gone by the time I took this photo.

This ones for you Mom! Set by a cow-lover for sure. Very cheery and cute. There were all varieties of place settings, and it motivated me to come home and add some beauty to our everyday meals.

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