Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Good Birthday

We rolled out of bed a bit extra early on Saturday, with expectations filling our hearts.
After the usual getting ready for the day, we got in the car for a trip over the Cascade
Mountains. Destination: Corbin University in Salem. We stopped in Sisters for a visit at the Sisters Coffee Company, and were again on our way with an eggnog latte and an Earl Grey At the top of the pass it was beautiful with snow frosting the evergreens, and it was our first glimpse of wintertime. The road was in good condition, our hearts were light and we enjoyed the trip.
Arriving shortly after 10:30, our newly turned 19-year-old granddaughter Kory and boyfriend Sam Anderson were waiting for us with equally light hearts. They joined us and we drove to the exceedingly beautiful Queen Anne style Victorian mansion and gardens called 'Deepwood Estate'. We drove up a bit early for the first tour at 11:00, so we had time to stroll the gardens and snap a few photos.
We brought our girls here during their teens as their grandparents lived close by. We took photos 20+ years ago at the exact same location under an arbor, of the girls with their grandfather and with their Dad. What a great delight it was to continue the tradition.
It turned out that we were the only customers for the first tour of the day (possibly the free open house later that day had something to do with that), and so we had a private tour that lasted about 90 minutes. We all enjoyed the very informed tour guide, learning about Queen Anne architecture, the families that built and dwelled in the house, and history of the Victorian period. The house is truly lovely, and we had the added benefit of Victorian style Christmas decor.
When we finished the tour, we strolled through another section of the gardens, enjoying them even at this time of the year. Several things were even blooming, which attests to the wet and mild Willamette Valley.  
We found a place to eat a Chinese food lunch, and enjoy each other's company. Then we returned to Corbin, dropped off Kory and Sam and were on our way back home.
We drove via Silverton where we stopped to exchange a Merry Christmas with our good friends Glenn and Nancy, and inspect some painting and re-decorating they had just completed. It was lovely, and their home was so cozy and inviting all decorated for Christmas. It was hard to keep going, but that's just what we did. It had been snowing on the Pass while we were in Salem, but the roads were well tended and we had no trouble at all. I read some notes from I and II Kings to the insurance man on our way home, so we would be prepared for our Old Testament Survey class the next morning.
After arriving home, the insurance man hurried into his tux and made it to the Tower Theatre in downtown Bend for a concert with the Mastersingers that evening. He even made it on time!
Kory and I share December birthdays, and they are only a week apart. So, we celebrated together and what a fun and happy day it was. 


Monica said...

It sounds like you had such a fun day. Adventures like this are the best :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived home safely and in time for your evening event. Wish you could have stayed longer. Nancy

Peter Jones said...

It seems like Victorian anything is getting out of fashion. Must have been fun to enjoy the style and decor. Glad it went well. The house is beautiful!!