Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Family Week-end

This past week-end we traveled again up to Woodland, where we were surrounded by family and activities. That's what December is all about, right?
 Friday evening we attended our annual Singing Christmas Tree program at Joy's church, which included a children's angel choir this year. Our 5-year old Macy was one of the adorable angels, and did such a great job singing, as did her Mom & Dad. Here's Macy with her cousin Trent, who loves her dearly. The program was great, and I felt privileged to attend and hear such great choral music.
 Saturday morning Joy, JoAnn and I attended Joy's Christmas Bunco brunch, where JoAnn and I filled in as subs. The food was great, and the playing fast-paced.
 Joy turned out to be the big winner with 6, count 'em 6! bunco's. She got the grand prize of a scarf, gloves and nail polish. Nice!
 Joy has a VERY tall tree in her living room, 10 or 12 feet at least. It's beautiful, and we all enjoyed the beauty of it. They cut it on a friend's property close to town.
Joy is also in charge of the gift-giving program in her community to families in need of help. She has been collecting donations of clothes, shoes, coats, toys, food and even Christmas trees, as well as money to shop for the above. She has an empty, -cold! office building that has allowed her to store the items, and we spent the rest of Saturday organizing and wrapping gifts. I think we were a big help to her, but we all arrived home bushed, in time to cook some Papa Murphy's pizza, and then fall asleep.
I did take some time to visit my cousin in Vancouver, and I got to see my Aunt Joyce who is now 93. She has Alzheimer's disease, and this was the first time she didn't know who I was. When I got up to leave, she shook my hand and told me 'It was nice to meet you." I smiled, and thought what wonderful years we have had together, and she is still as sweet as her smile.
We drove home on Sunday morning, unpacked and dressed up a bit for the Insurance man's Christmas staff party. We all had a great meal at the Olive Garden, and John and I were able to express our gratitude for a great staff and all their help.
Now it's time for a new week of family members and activities. Hope you all are enjoying yours!

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