Saturday, December 22, 2012

The cold we did not remember....

"And after November came next the chill December,
Yet he, through merry feasting which he made
And great bon-fires, did not the cold remember
His Saviour's birth his mind so much did glad."
Edmund Spenser
Today (Saturday) has felt so much like Christmas Eve. We are privileged to have family with us, and have had such a good time. The womenfolk did some leisurely looking at a wonderful antique mall in Redmond followed by High Tea at the Tea Shoppe I have discovered there. The menfolk ate corn chowder with crackers and cheese and watched football.
Later in the afternoon I was reflecting on how warm and peaceful it was in the house. I was reading, one was working on a jigsaw puzzle, one was watching a Christmas movie upstairs, two were napping, one was wrapping presents and one was at a choir rehearsal for tomorrow's Christmas Church service. I felt so grateful for our family, grateful for our warm and toasty house, and grateful for the Christmas season. But as the quote says above I was most grateful for our Savior's birth, and the fact that as a family we share a common faith of belief in Yahweh and the gift of His son Jesus, and this did indeed 'make my mind glad'.
May you all enjoy the gift of the season, our Savior's birth.
Merry Christmas!

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Peter Jones said...

How nice that you had time to post a little something. I like the poem you picked. I like to hear a little update on the family time. Tell everyone hello for me if you remember. And thanks for taking some time to read my post and comment.
Love to you all,