Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cookies and Filling the House

I decided to get up with the insurance man this morning about 5:45 and after he left for a men's breakfast I got busy with my writing project. It was dark outside, but cozy in the office and I really enjoyed some good quiet writing time while the sun made it's gradual appearance.
Yesterday and today I had scheduled time with two of my little friends, to bake some Christmas cookies. Brinnay came to visit yesterday afternoon and we made Molasses Sugar Cookies together. She rolled the balls (and she was an expert at that) and then rolled them in sugar before putting them on the baking stone. We got all the batter made into good cookies, and then enjoyed a few together. We read a book about how Candy Canes were first thought up, and the story behind the candy cane. What a fun and precious time it was.

Brinnay brought her Cabbage Patch Doll with her, so I got ours out of the play room so they could have a visit together while we made our cookies.

And then this morning sister Ella came for her turn. We made Snickerdoodle Kisses, where you roll the dough around a chocolate kiss, roll it in cinnamon sugar and then bake. I think she liked eating the kisses the best. We looked at a Tasha Tudor book about holidays, and Ella liked the Corgi dogs best.
Yesterday was busy, and we went from one thing to the next. Same goes for today. But as I reflected on the days one thing came to mind. We have a big house. We thought when we bought it that all our kids would come home with their kids and we would all have enough room. But God in His providence didn't have it happen that way. Julie is too far away to come home frequently, and there are too many little Jones kids to make flying all together a reality. Our oldest Joy is a very busy lady with a big family and a full time rewarding job. They are lucky to drive over the mountains twice in a year, and hardly ever during the holiday season. And so....we are left with a big house, where the three of us rattle around. But yesterday, all corners of the house were full with various activities. Piano students and Moms enjoying the fire of the fireplace to read or do homework together. A friend was on the computer, little ones playing in the upstairs under-the eaves play room, and last night a group of friends caroling together and enjoying cookies and cider. God has been good and gracious to fill our lives with others to love and welcome. Hospitality comes in so many various forms, if I just open my eyes to the possibilities. He is using us to use our house....but we still love it most when our family comes home.


Peter Jones said...

Those girls are so cute! I really enjoy seeing pictures of them cooking. Ella's little hands are cute. I'm glad you're getting to use your wonderful house. You have some really great things going on in your life right now! I think I'm liking this new posting every day. I think it keeps readers coming back more frequently. Love you,

Monica said...

I think cooking with little girls is just about one of the best things :-)