Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Delicious Shortbread

As the Christmas season continues, I'm finding it harder to get up and moving in the mornings. These days are so full of good things that I want to get up, but my eyes and muscles aren't co-operating. The lure of starting my coffee machine downstairs usually does the trick, and soon the smell of the fresh coffee has me moving.
It is hard to continue my routines during these busy weeks, and I miss that. But I am getting a lot accomplished which seems to offset it. I am busy with a writing project right now, which hopefully will turn into a special gift for my three grown daughters. It has been a joy for me as well.
I decided to give the gift of time to 4 of my piano students, and so the first of 4 afternoons of baking will happen today. Brinnay, who will turn five on Friday will help me finish up Molasses sugar cookies. I made up the dough yesterday, and she will roll the balls, and then roll them in sugar and bake. Hopefully she will have some to take home and share.
I have found a real treasure at Trader Joe's this season.
I love these good cookies, and have decided to have one (it's hard to have just one) each morning in December with my coffee. It's nice to start the day with a treat.
Last evening the sunset was so beautiful. It was clear and cool out, but the soft rosy hues of the sun setting spread rosy light everywhere, and I just had to go outside and enjoy it. It's good to find small (or big) things to enjoy during the busyness, and slow for a moment to breathe and give a prayer of thanks.


Peter Jones said...

Some times are so busy! It can feel good to go from one thing to the next and get a lot accomplished, but not indefinitely. Eventually it feels good to go back to the regular-paced routine of life. I'm so glad you "discovered" Trader Joes. Affordable delights! Wish I could sip coffee and enjoy shortbread with you. :)

Monica said...

These cookies look amazing :) And don't worry, the days will be getting longer soon enough, and it will be easier to get your day started :)