Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Birthdays

I've had the same problem as Julie uploading photos, but we both have changed with the blogging world so that we now pay for the space to record our thoughts and pictures. It's now back to writing and posting....
I celebrated a birthday over the week-end, and enjoyed a nice day. My mother used to make me a red velvet cake for most of my birthdays, and I seldom do it anymore, but decided to break out the recipe once again. Red velvet things are quite in fashion these days, and you can find it from cupcakes to cheesecake, but they don't have the original frosting which in my mind makes it unique and quite wonderful. We added some baby roses and a glass of eggnog for a real treat. I was so richly remembered by friends and family, and the older I get the more I value these remembrances.
We've had a doozy of a wet storm lately, with lots of rain. I woke up several times in the night to hear the wind driving the rain against the house and windows and skylights. It sounded much like a storm at the Oregon Coast. The insurance man and I got up and walked in the morning, and the evergreen firs were so beautiful with big crystal-like water drops at the end of each green needle. We are having a mild wet month of December. I love lights, all lights including Christmas lights. When the streets and driveways are wet with water and puddles, the house Christmas lights are reflected in the water making double lights and our street outside looks amazing and so festive in the dark!
Our tree is up and I want to be sure and find enough time to sit and enjoy it with Christmas music. I read a wonderful post this morning on the beauty of Christmas music. Mom, if you click on the words 'wonderful post' that are highlighted, it will take you to that blog post. I so agree with what the blogger shared.
Enough for today, and time for a little lunch break.

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Monica said...

Happy Birthday :-) Your cake (with the eggnog) looks delicious!! And I also love Christmas music -- it's the best! Have a wonderful weekend.