Friday, November 7, 2008

Blessings of Granddaughters

In the last 18 months
we have been blessed
with three beautiful granddaughters...This is Amelia 'Milly' Sue Jones, born April 8, 2007
and this is Milly, Oct. 2008

This is Macy Hope Snead, born Sept. 25, 2008...

and this is Macy one year later...

This is our newest girl...Cecily Mae Jones
born Oct. 2, 2008

We are reveling in lacy socks, curls and everything pink after the birth of 4 consecutive grandsons. Sugar and spice... we are blessed!
Thankful hearts for our family...and especially these three little girls


Kory Grell said...

awwww they are all so cute! i cant wait to see millie and cecily !!! i really like how you and juju have these, i love looking at them:)

Janet said...

Blessing of Granddaughters So true. I found out this week number 5 in on her way in March. I have 2 grandsons also but they don't seem to love the pink all around them .Haha

Jennie and Julie said...

Congratulations Janet on finding that #5 is on the way...they are such a blessing in life, both the boys and girls in different ways. It looks like the boys need to catch up however in your family...thanks for commenting.