Thursday, November 13, 2008

West Coast Welcome Lights

Welcome East Coast delight.

After Julie moved to Pennsylvania, we visited her there fairly often, having never been to the East Coast before. There were many differences as the East and West Coasts have their own cultures. Loving history and old houses, I was enchanted with the large old colonial homes, many wooden painted white and many brick or stone. Every evening as dusk came on, little welcome lights would light up the windows of these beautiful homes. We often took walks or car rides just to look at the lovely graceful windows, curtains and welcoming lights. What a beautiful custom. Today's lights are electrical, battery powered or even solar powered. They are a tribute to days long gone (but not forgotten) when candles were placed in the windows to welcome home family members, or to welcome guests to the home and hearth. Welcome lights are not usually seen on the West Coast, and on returning home I found some electrical ones for my downstairs windows. I placed these at 4 small windows on the ground floor, and found 4 more battery lights for my upstairs windows where no outlets were available. The photo above shows the smaller battery powered light and the photo below the stronger electrical one. I have chosen to use the lights seasonally, and place them in the windows in October when the nights are growing longer and the days shorter. There is something so comforting to come home to the lights when it's dark and stormy out, or to be indoors looking out at the weather but see the little sturdy lights spreading their beams. They are even nice on cold grey days in winter...and I have them on all day as homemade soup is simmering on the stove. What a nice tradition that we have brought home with us from our visits to Julie.

Lord, thank you for being the light of the shine during mankinds dark and stormy lead us home to you. Amen

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