Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Personal Veterans Day Tribute

This post is a day late....that is a day after Veterans Day Celebrations. However I have three very special veterans in my life, all of whom served honorably but differently in sacrifice for their families, country and freedom. This is in tribute to three very special men.This is my father-in-law, Larry C. Asmussen. He is in his army uniform here in 1942. Due to eyesight problems he never got an opportunity to serve overseas. He did however serve his country well here at home.
This is my father, Frank A. Vernon. He served in the Pacific during WW II, in the Army Air Corp. He flew with the 494th Bomb Group, in 'Kelly's Cobras.'

This is a photo of Frank's plane the 'Wolf', where he served as a waiste gunner.

And this is the veteran closest to my heart, John C. Asmussen. John served with the Oregon National Guard starting in 1971, during the Viet Nam War.

Well done faithful men!

Thank you Lord, for these and all the others who have sacrificed. Thank you for allowing me to be born in America and to experience first hand this freedom.

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Peter Jones said...

I just love to see some of my favorite men honored. It's wonderful to remember those who have gone before me and to see some older pictures of them to remind of what roles they used to play. "Well played," is what Evan would say!