Monday, November 17, 2008

A Two Saturday Project

My insurance man owns his own little office building and his own business. This means some maintenance needs to happen occasionally. The last two Saturdays we painted the interior of the office...since it had been about 14 years since it last saw a new coat of paint. This has the end result of not only a new color and feel, but it looks a lot cleaner and we threw away 14 years of accumulation also. The color is one of those nice ones that change with the light. In the strong early morning light it is a 'coffee with cream' color, and in the late afternoon it looks almost a creamy yellow. Very nice and easy on the eyes. It feels good to have that project done, and the furniture back in its place.
His office building is a former little house with the insurance office on one side and they rent out the other to a hearing aid office. We are grateful to own the building and grateful it is not any bigger! After the holidays we will tackle a little touch-up on the trim and a few other improvements. A little improving at a time does wonder for the spirit...

"When thou hast thanked thy God
For every blessing sent,
What time will then remain
For murmurs or lament?"

Archbishop Richard Chenevix Trench

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