Friday, December 5, 2008

Antique Booth Finds

While we were gone for Thanksgiving week-end, our shopping consisted of visiting the town of Snohomish, Washington. They were all decked out for Christmas and we had fun visiting a few Christmas stores and a large antique mall. I found these beautiful pillowslips in one of the antique mall booths.

I have certain criteria for choosing pillowslips: they have to have that soft cotton feel of age, they have to have embroidery AND crocheted edging, and be of a pleasing color (to me) which is usually white edging and an embroidery pattern where the colors match the motif. In the case of two of the above pillowcases the embroidery is leaves and the colors are beautiful for fall. An added bonus, one rarely found, is that there were two matching slips. I had to search through several piles before finding the mate...but what a treasure!

The other slip I purchased was only a single, the 'Mrs' was there but the 'Mr' was missing....hmm. Probably worn out... It is a very soft cotton, with cute baskets, lavender flowers and ribbons and a variegated lavender/purple crocheted edging. Since my favorite color is purple and variations thereof, the colored edging was acceptable to me. I have one other set of slips where the edging is a variegated pink, but it matches nicely with the embroidery.
These lovely pillowslips are so much cheaper than the modern varieties sported in the big box stores and these were even an additional 20% off. There is something very comforting to me in putting my head on a soft beautiful pillow at night.

I found two other items in the antique is a Christmas present (shh) for someone special, and the other was this little 1950's bed for my doll house. Not that it is MY dollhouse you understand, but I confess to loving putting the furniture and people away after my granddaughters and visitors have had fun with it. Lately the parents bed had broken beyond repair, and here was a perfect substitute for under a $1.

This was my happy version of holiday shopping!

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Monica said...

I love your new found treasures!! What fun! I also love to pick up antique linens. I like to think about the women who took so much time to make something commonly used so pretty; and wonder what they were like, and what kinds of things they were thinking about while spending their time sewing. I'm sure the woman who made these pillow slips will be very happy to know they have ended up in a home that will enjoy them.