Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Memories

To wrap up my holiday posts (and to wrap up the holidays) I decided to post a series of miscellaneous pictures taken the week of Christmas. These photos depict the wonderful week we had in celebration. To begin....this is the wonderful Saturday-before-Christmas morning breakfast we enjoyed together, just the two of us. We made up a blueberry pecan baked french toast recipe, along with maple blueberry syrup. It was a nice peaceful morning and a delicious breakfast. Our friend Kyle and his Christmas dog 'Bailey' came for a Christmas movie night on Sunday. We watched an old collection of vintage Christmas Cartoons, including a fun one called 'Jack Frost'. It depicted Jack Frost as a little artist elf, painting the seasons.
We also watched 'It's A Wonderful Life' courtesy of Kyle. He had met one of the characters (Zuzu the daughter) and had a signed copy to share with us. He also knew some of the interesting behind the scenes stories, so we kept stopping while he shared these.
Bailey is the perfect little Christmas dog...as he's mostly white all over.

He also had a haircut recently, and with our cold weather his Santa coat comes in handy.
Here is our living room and Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve all waiting for the fun to begin. We went to Church at 6:00 for our annual Candlelight Service and had 5 out-of-town guests arrive and our daughter JoAnn while there. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together, then moved to the living room for caroling and the reading of Luke 2.
On Christmas morning JoAnn, my insurance man and I enjoyed a quiet time of opening stockings together. We then had a big breakfast with all of us and had 3 more guests join us (4 if you count Bailey). After breakfast we moved into the living room again to enjoy the giving of our gifts.
This is our Mom Bethel and our Aunt Wilma after they finished opening their gifts.
Later 2 of our guests left to journey on their way and the rest of us had a nice Christmas dinner together. This is the table before all the food was served. What a beautiful Christmas eve and day we enjoyed.
One special highlight of the season was the snow that fell all day long on Christmas Eve, and coated every branch, blade and leaf for a glorious appearing on Christmas morning. This little fir tree is out front of our house, and has finally grown big enough to warrant Christmas lights. The last thing I did Christmas Eve was to snap this picture of our lovely little tree in the snow shinning brightly.
We had a lovely celebration, as I hope you all did too. We made many happy memories, and were especially glad that our Aunt Wilma could be with us at age 92.
In closing, I want to reprint a quote that Mom found in a calendar of mine:
"Behind every joyful Christmas season are busy hands and loving hearts that make the memories and then pack it all up for next year, when once again they'll have the joy of unpacking the memories." Sandy Lynam Clough
Thank you Lord, that you gave us the privilege of hosting our celebration this year, and that we could serve you in serving our guests. I am now busy packing it all up and enjoying the memories....

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Monica said...

Jennie --
It sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I would love to have the recipe for your peppermint torte whenever you get a chance. It sounds delicious. And as far as our snow ---yikes! we have a lot!! And there is supposed to be more on the way sometime tomorrow. I plan on posting a few more snow pictures on my blog maybe tomorrow.