Sunday, December 14, 2008

Enjoying the decorating...

I'm never quite sure how I'm going to decorate the house each year, and I usually just go with my creative flow right then. After all is put up and we can then enjoy it for the rest of the season, it seems so cozy and festive and so worth the effort. I especially love the candlelight and firelight of winter evenings and snapped a couple of photos to remember this years decorations.
This is the same scene in daylight. It's nice too, but the candlelight just isn't the same. Our living room provides a warm spot to sit and think about Jesus...his birth, life, redemptive work, death and resurrection. During this arctic cold snap a fireplace is one of the blessings of our life.
"The dinner was served up in the great hall, where the squire always held his Christmas banquet. A blazing, crackling fire of logs had been heaped on to warm the spacious apartment, and the flame went sparkling and wreathing up the wide-mouthed chimney."
Washington Irving , "The Christmas Dinner"

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