Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite Apron #2

A few weeks ago I posted about my favorite cooking apron passed down from my Mom. This is my 2nd favorite, and I get it out right after Thanksgiving to use for my Christmas baking and cooking. In 1989 I was fortunate enough to go on a trip with my parents to England and Scotland. My Dad's family is from England and my Mom's originally from Scotland. She is from the clan Erskine, and I found this apron in the Erskine formal tartan. (The casual tartan is in a black and white) Since it is a lovely red and green, I decided to keep it for Christmas. It is only a half apron tied at the waist, but is made from the nicest wool blend. So far, after using it these many years, I have never needed to wash it, only spot cleaned it. On the pocket it says "Frae Scotland', with a bit of the celtic there. The flower is the national flower of Scotland, the thistle, with a purple bloom. It is not only a great apron, but a wonderful memory as well.

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Peter Jones said...

Peter read this with me and said, "oh, that's pretty cool!" Hurray for Scottish tartan!