Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feasting with great pleasure

This well known painting is one of Norman Rockwell's. It is one of four he painted to depict the four freedoms spoken of in a speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and portrays our freedom from want in America. One of the most special things about celebrating holidays is the preparation, serving and eating of good food, as shown in the painting...along with enjoying it with family and friends.

Today I want to give thanks for the abundant food GOD has provided and list the various menu's I have planned for our holiday this year. (I will be cooking most all day today and preparing) We will be hosting company for the next few days and this is what I have planned for our holiday feasting...

Christmas Eve dinner

Prime Rib Roast

Creamy potato casserole

7 Layer Salad

Fluffy Rolls

Christmas cookies and candy for snacking later

Christmas Breakfast

Pecan Tea Ring (Recipe courtesy of my good friend Nancy)

Sausage Souffle

Homemade Applesauce

Christmas Day Dinner

Baked Ham

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with apples

Fluffy Rolls

Creamed Peas

Peppermint Torte for dessert

Christmas evening we will be enjoying ham sandwiches and leftovers...with snacks we have made up. It is always good to remember and help those who have so much less...but it is also good to enjoy with pleasure what God has given.

Julie and her family have eaten a good Christmas feast with company yesterday...and she planned the following menu:

Creamy Chicken Pasta

Caesar Salad


Individual Rice Puddings for dessert along with Christmas cookies

Today on Christmas eve they will be preparing and feasting on a full turkey dinner with the trimmings and enjoying the left-overs tomorrow on Christmas Day. (I can hardly believe I am writing that tomorrow is Christmas Day and that it is already here).

God has so richly blessed us as a family, and we want to celebrate Him in all we do and eat for the next couple of days. May God grant a special time of family and friends, and a rich holiday honoring Him and His amazing gift of so great a salvation.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Peter Jones said...

Turkey has been eaten and it was...mmm, marvelous. :-)

Monica said...

What fabulous menus! You both have been very busy cooking for the past few days. I'm sure everyone was very appreciative of all of your hard work. The peppermint torte sounds very interesting. What all is involved in it?