Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lint Trap of all things...

We are safely returned from our Thanksgiving trip thanks to God's loving care. We had a good time and enjoyed a wonderful, traditional Thanksgiving. We returned tired however, and are playing catch-up with just about everything. After a few days we will probably get back to 'normal' and continue on December's busy pace.

This morning as I was attempting to catch up on the laundry a few things caught my attention. I pulled the lint trap out from the dryer to clean it, and it struck me how like our souls this is. We get grimy and dirty from sin, confess our dirt and ask God to allow his forgiveness to cleanse us. He reaches into our hearts with his Spirit and removes the build-up so that we can 'breathe' right again, free from the lint and dirt and clean in His presence. Of course the lint trap is never completely clean, and neither will we be this side of heaven, but oh, the joy of His cleansing. Sometimes it seems the Holy Spirit points us towards spiritual truths in the most mundane of tasks. This morning He wanted to talk with me while I was tiredly doing laundry. I was glad to be lint-free to hear his still small voice, and the instructing of my soul.

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