Friday, January 9, 2009

Bath things in winter

I love hot baths...but especially in winter when it's cold and still outside. I received a few things at Christmas that makes the bathtub look pretty and the water soothe and smell good while soaking. Julie sent me the flowered box, saying she wanted me to have some flowers under my Christmas tree come Christmas morning. It's perfect for storing some soaps and bath salts. My friend Nancy sent some lavender and wild ginger powders and lotions along with a nice candle for atmosphere. I found a bottle of lavender chamomile 'dream bath' from Bath & Body Works outlet store for calming and soothing before bed...mmm it smells wonderful. Last is the pink bottle in the photo. I found this bath & shower gel at our local Fred Meyer store. It is from Baylis & Harding, London...and is wild rose & raspberry leaf. What a smells like summertime every time I use it. Add some hot water and a big fluffy towel and relaxation here I come....oh, and a good book too.

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Peter Jones said...

Lovely picture! I like that your curtain is in it! Taking lots of baths, these days? Julie