Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being a Family

Lately we had the privilege of having my in-laws at our home for a few days. It was not as long as we thought it would be...but it was still very good. A year ago my mother-in-law Bethel fell and required surgery. They live about 2 hours from us, and stayed with us for an extended time last January/February. Now it was time to remove the metal pins from her leg that were put in last surgery. This time surgery turned out to be very simple however, and she was finished in just a few hours and returned here to us with a bag full of metal to show. She didn't have too much pain...but was required to keep the leg elevated for a few days. My insurance man was a busy guy waiting on two women who are off their feet! Hopefully by this summer both of us will be up and hiking about with no pain. In the photo she is on the phone with one of her sisters, keeping the family up to date.
Dad helped out with setting the table and clearing dishes etc. In between times we had some theology discussions and read from a book by R C Sproul that my son-in-law Peter had sent for Dad. He took it home to read and that should provide some more lively discussion. We wish they could have stayed with us longer....but we did get to take them home and enjoyed a very nice car trip across the winter desert. (Nice weather)
Hopefully Mom, you are recovering nicely and will be walking around on your own next time we see you.

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Peter Jones said...

Hey! Grandpa is reading the book! It's nice to see some pictures of Grandpa and Grandma. I feel like I got to be there a little bit. Thanks for sharing those. Julie