Monday, January 26, 2009

Dressing Up #2

Our family likes to dress up....we really do! So, I decided that as I had so many cute pictures I would do a follow up post.
There are two kinds of dress-up...the first kind I showed on the first post...the kind where kids just find whatever is in the box or handy and make up their own creations. The second kind is wearing real costumes. I have posted a few of my grandkids below wearing costumes. And looking through these photos I realized that we have more homemade costumes than purchased ones...aren't those by far the best? Here is Kory, age 3 as a nurse. This costume was worn by all my girls and was originally inspired by Kory's great grandma Bethel who wore uniforms like this in her career as a nurse.
And Kory made a great indian princess too...the beads are my old Campfire Girls achievement beads. Different sizes and different colors they worked great.

Here are photos of two princesses....above is Kendall as Cinderella. This costume was by far my most challenging...the material was slippery! But it was worth every minute...and below is Amelia in her princess dress courtesy of Aunt Cathy.
And finally we can see that boys really like to dress up too. Here are my four grandsons...Saumuel the army man (homemade by me), Will the medieval knight (purchased), Ben the cowboy (purchased) and Calvin the indian chief (made by his mother). Julie has made the boys buckskins to go with their coon skin caps and various other items...and they have a wonderful box of costumes at home. I think a big difference is that boys don't call it 'dress-up'!

What fun we have had over the makes me smile just to think about all the good memories. Dress up or whatever you might call it is a good piece of childhood play.

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Lora Berhar said...

Jorie used to have the same dress as Amelia! I think she only recently outgrew it. So cute. :)