Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blessings in Review

I haven't posted many items lately, as I've been mulling over how I want to proceed in this New Year. Usually I am up to full steam ahead, and whipping on to my next project or organizing. This year since I am off my feet by necessity, I am taking more time to reflect. I feel that God wants me to take a look back at the past year, to savor and remember the highlights...the special moments. As I have collected these photos I am seeing that our special moments are all about family...the ones closest to us, the ones we love, and the blessings God has given to us in each one. Here then is a photo look at our lives in 2007. (I have broken the year into halves, and will post the 2nd half this won't take over the blogging world in length!) January 2007 We had some beautiful snow in our back yard, and enjoyed it. My parent's in-law came for an extended stay to recuperate from injuries, and we so enjoyed having them stay with us and getting to serve them.
We said good-bye to our faithful loving friend Ebony at Easter time...
Our two granddaughters Kory-14 and Kendall-11 came for a visit over Spring Break, and we were able to take them riding for their very first time. They did really well, and even Kendall's horse enjoyed it!
In April we enjoyed a trip to Julie's in West Virginia where we did a variety of fun things. One of the highlights was to be there to share in Benjamin's 5th birthday. Our wonderful grandchildren are as follows, right to left: Ben-5, Calvin-3, Samuel-8, William-7, and Millie-just turned 1.
In May, my oldest daughter Joy, her little one Macy Hope, and I enjoyed a wonderful scrap booking week-end at the Oregon Coast. We had so much fun that we want to go back this year and even take along our hubbies.
Joy and Macy...Macy did so well, and let us get a lot of scrap booking done.
In May we visited the Lilac Gardens in Woodland, Washington where Joy and her family live. This is always a favorite spot of mine, and Joy's too. The kids put up with it...kind-of. The flowers were late in blooming this year, as the weather had remained so cold but there were still lots of beautiful flowers for us to enjoy.
Here is Kory, not under the Lilacs but the Wisteria....a beautiful and lovely bloom on a gazebo.
We made a trip to Burns, Oregon where my in-laws live. They were pretty much recovered by this time, so my insurance man and his Dad (and the dog Ami) headed out for a day trip to the desert.
Meanwhile my mother-in-law Bethel and I attended a nice Mother's Day tea at their church. We followed that with dinner at their Sr. Center, and a play at the local high school that evening. A fun week-end.
Back in Woodland, Kory performed in this play...and had no less than 5 parts. Her main part was as the lady sheep in the barnyard, and she had lots of sage advice for Wilbur.
A hug for Papa after the play was over....and a photo shoot for publicity purposes. We really enjoyed seeing her act in her first play.
On the same visit we celebrated our granddaughter Ashley's 16th birthday. We were invited to a beautiful property in the hills out of Woodland that belongs to family members. We brought items for a tailgate picnic, and sat around a nice bonfire. After blowing out the candles on her cake, she is busy licking off the candles...16 going on 5....or is that 30??
Towards the end of June we hosted a Brown family reunion here in Bend, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few of the family enjoying a dinner together.

It was a busy but thoroughly wonderful first half of the year. We are so blessed by having a terrific family and getting to spend time with so many. Tomorrow I will finish up our year....

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