Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cecily's Baptism Dress

Cecily was baptized on January 4th. I don't think that what a baby is wearing is a vital part of his/her baptism, yet aesthetics do matter. It makes a difference when things look nice and symbolism is useful. My husband and I found some vintage christening gowns at an antique store when I was pregnant with our first daughter, Amelia. We are not Catholic, but we thought the idea of a special dress, just for the occasion that was symbolically white was a very nice idea. We picked one out and got a little hat to go with it. It's been worn for baptism twice now and we hope the Lord will see fit to bless us again and it will be a well-used dress.

The hat has such a sweet shape and some very pretty embroidery on it.

Detail on the hat.

This was my favorite picture of her in it.

She finally managed to get her thumb in her mouth at the end of her picture session.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks for the pictures...they are just beautiful. I love the dress and hat, it must have been very special (the baptism). The details of the back of the bonnet make a delightful picture. I also like the one with her fingers in her mouth...very sweet.