Tuesday, January 6, 2009

House Names

Have you ever noticed that many homes had names in literature....or that is to say that the owners named their homes? Some that pop into mind are: Thousand Oaks...the Ashley Wilkes Plantation home in Gone With The Wind, Manderley in Rebecca, Orchard House...the home of Louisa May Alcott and Rose Cottage from the Avonlea series on PE Island.
Many years ago we decided it would be fun to name our house to show how much we valued it. I thought, and thought, and thought some more but to no avail. I couldn't come up with a name that was appropriate and romantic and sounded like good literature. So my insurance man without hardly pausing to think decided on the name...'Shadowood'. Perfect! We live in an area called 'Kings Forest' mainly because of our tall pines and junipers. Our lot has many trees and lots of wonderful shadows...so it fits.
For the next anniversary we were celebrating he got busy in his workshop and made up this sign for our driveway. I call that pretty romantic for a non-romance kind-of-guy! I love that he named it because he knew how much I would enjoy it. And I do....maybe I'll have to include it in a future book I might write.


Monica said...

I would love to read your possible book someday. "Shadowood" has many possibilities!!

Peter Jones said...

Sure wish I could visit that place!! Julie