Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dressing Up

Don't all little girls love to dress up? I found photos of 3 generations of girls that did. (And a couple of boys too) The photos below are of my brother and I, along with some of our neighborhood gang. On a hot summer day in Seattle, we all decided to become pirates. Luckily our Moms agreed with us, and found us a few items to dress up with. We used sticks for swords and a couple of lucky ones had pop guns with holders. You really don't need much for a great time. I had to laugh when I spotted my shoes...because that pirate wore THONGS (not flip-flops!)

The photo above is my daughter JoAnn, age 3 with a neighbor girl after raiding my dress up box.

I always kept a wooden box, filled with cast off clothes, jewelry and costumes for the girls to play with. The photo at right is our three girls and another neighbor girl in Portland. Joy is a clown, Julie is Cinderella (before the ball) and JoAnn is the angel?
After moving to Bend we had a year of home school. This is Joy and Julie (with another neighbor girl) doing the chore of bringing in the laundry from the line with a little extra style. Don't you just love Julie's expression of disdain? What fun dressing up can be!

And this is the 3rd generation...granddaughters Kory (at left) and Kendall (below). Kory got such a kick out of thinking that all dressed up she looked like Grammy (me). However, I am not THAT gray, my glasses are not THAT big, and I am not in the habit of wearing little pink hats! But you get the idea....

Kendall loves the accessories...and really loves to doll up.
I think dressing up in adult 'lady' things is something all little girls love to do. I know Julie's daughter Millie loves to clack around the house in her mommie's shoes....But it's always the most fun with someone else to play dress up with. I was surprised to see a neighbor girl in each of my girls' pictures...with our having three girls, there was always someone to dress up with, and the neighbor girls always wanted to join in the fun. Fun memories....can't wait to see the 4th generation!


Peter Jones said...

Great post!! That was so fun! You really did good on this one. I love how you put three generations of pictures. I was just talking to Peter about getting a scanner. Maybe for my birthday? Then I could scan in old pictures of the boys dressed up too! Thanks, it was great! Julie

Lora Berhar said...

Such cute photos. I love seeing the older photos too. It's amazing how fast time flies!