Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wintery Blah

The keeping indoors and putting our nose to the grindstone in regards to school is catching up to me and I'm feeling a little blah. Life is very demanding yet one begins to feel lethargic in the long hours of isolated inside-ness. Mom called and cheered me up a bit today. It worked so well that I had my husband take a couple of pictures of me so I could post them and say, "Thank you, Mom!" I sure am blessed to have you.

I'm also blessed to have this sweet girl and will willingly take on more wintery blahs and a whole lot worse for the sake of such dear gifts from God.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Thank you! I'm glad it cheered you up. You do have 6 little gifts that need you every day, even in the winter blahs.
I can tell you are working with your hair...the photos are beautiful! You look so nice (really) and it's a very fun 'mother and daughter' beautiful feminine photograph. Good job on that...yes it's important too.