Monday, January 5, 2009

Second half of 2008

Well, today I am posting the other half of 2008 in photo's. I think there are actually more pictures than yesterday, which must reflect the growing business of our year. Each is special to us however, and we are blessed to have such wonderful experiences and relationships.
This is Kory and Macy on the swing in our backyard. They came over for a summer visit. Contrary to the picture, Bend IS hot in July, but Kory just likes to wear sweatshirts!
Macy is getting the traditional bath in Grammy's sink....which was started when her Mommy got baths in Grandma Bethel's sink....and so forth. There is a bunch of rhubarb waiting for cobbler next to Macy.
While Joy and her family were here we had a fun picnic up at Elk Lake, and the brave even went for a swim. Picnicking in the woods with a pink stroller...really roughing it!
We celebrated our 37th anniversary on July 17, and my insurance man surprised me with an overnight stay at the Inn of the 7th Mountain and a dozen beautiful roses.
Summer flowers in the yard....rhododendrons bloom late in Bend, and I am lucky to have them at all here in the south part of Bend, but they are greatly enjoyed!
We enjoyed a fun camping trip to Delintment Lake with Grandma Bethel and Grandpa Larry. Our special guest was Lilly, a 7 year old friend of ours who had never been camping.
There was lots for her to explore and do for the first time, including s'mores at the campfire.
Fishing was another first...and she actually caught one....but didn't much like it after it was caught.
The first day of school in Woodland. This is Kory and Kendall. I have been fortunate enough to be there for their first days at school since they started. Usually we take photos at school, but since Kory started High School this year we (she) decided we would take the photos at home before school. It's not quite the same however...
September brought Macy's first birthday. How quickly that year went by.
She enjoyed her first piece of birthday cake, and was even outside so the crumbs could be eaten by the birds when she was finished. It was yummy cake, and she enjoyed her party.
September always brings sports back into our world, as Kendall is the athlete in our family. We were so glad to be on the sidelines for one of her soccer games. Her team won all of their games this year.
I spent a fun week at Joy's house in Sept. She took the week off from work, and we scrap booked every day and had fun with Macy. You can't tell it, but she had just fallen asleep watching Veggie Tales with me.
We were saddened at the passing of Aunt June, but enjoyed getting to see family members in Portland that we had not seen for many years.
We were blessed by another trip back to West Virginia, to welcome another granddaughter...Cecily Mae to Julie's family. She was born Oct. 2nd....and we had a wonderful time with the family.
I never get tired of playing is the most fun job I have ever had. Cecily is such a sweet baby, and we enjoyed seeing her red hair.
November brought a fun week-end celebration in Woodland/Portland to celebrate birthdays for Joy and JoAnn at the Cheesecake Factory. We also enjoyed being with Joy's family for Halloween this year. Macy was a spotted dog...
We drove to Lynnwood, WA to spend Thanksgiving with my brother Joe and his wife Cathy. They were gracious hosts and we had a delightful dinner as well as time spent with them.
The four of us had a very nice meal at the Salmon house in Seattle.
This restaurant is on the shore of Lake Union, and the restaurant window faced the house where Joe and I grew up on Queen Anne Hill, below.You could see this lake from our old dinning room window, so both Joe and I enjoyed seeing the boats and pontoon planes again.
This brings us to the last month of the year, and the good time we enjoyed at Christmas with our family and guests.
2008 was memorable...and I'm glad that I spent the time remembering God's good blessings to us and to our family.

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Peter Jones said...

It's really nice to see all that you did this year! What a nice review! Julie